New to martial arts?

That's OK, so are 70% of our members. Majority of our members are here for fitness and to learn new skills. Others come to learn and compete at an amateur and professional level. Which ever way you want to go we can assist.

Our gym

The Gym is open plan, and is fitted out with a full size boxing ring, Jiu Jitsu floor and full sized MMA cage. There is an area for free weights and cardio, as well as boxing bags. The gym also has men and women's bathrooms with showers, so you can clean up after a solid session.

What we offer

At City Kickboxing, you'll be able to learn and take part in the following clases.

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Personal Training

We specialize in personal training our client base include World Champion athletes, business executives, celebrities, professional sports people right through to students, families, kids and solo parents. All our trainers are experienced active fighters and have been in the strength and conditioning field for years both as a participant and a trainer.

Mixed martial arts

The fusing together of both standing based martial arts and ground based martial arts such as boxing, muaythai, brazilian jiujitsu and wrestling give you a base for the fastest growing combat sport in the world, at our facility you can learned and refine these specific disciplines from specialists teachers and experts and then amalgamate them together into mixed martial arts.

Kickboxing / Muay Thai

A mixture of kicks and punches elbows and knees, combinations. Muaythai has evolved into a highly technical sport balanced with the brutality of realistic combat.

Brazilian Jiujitsu

The main tools of the Jiu-Jitsu fighter are knowledge of the opponent’s weakest points and leverage. BJJ exploits anatomical weakness to gain maximum effectiveness with minimum effort. It is an art based on a smaller weaker person fighting a big, faster and stronger opponent.BJJ does not include the use of striking or bludgeoning of the opponent. BJJ is primarily focused with combat taking place on the ground.BJJ emphasizes strategy, leverage, technique and precise body positioning to control dominate and submit the opponent.Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu involves ground-fighting techniques and submission holds composed mainly of joint-locks & chokeholds.

Some classes you want to take part might not be suitable for beginners. Talk to the gym team to find out which and what the pre-requisits are for these classes.

Getting Started

For complete beginners you will need to do an introduction class. For those looking to change gyms, or trained in the past, chat with our team before jumping in. This will get you familiar with the way we train, and your way around the gym. Post introduction you get 1 week free to try the classes suited to your level.

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Prices vary depending on the membership option you choose. Members enjoy unlimited access to all of our classes, and use of our facility during opening hours. At their disposal is an extensive range of functional gym equipment and martial arts gear. It’s important that you find the best option that suits your lifestyle, so we suggest talking with our team.